nature of connection: empathy training & coaching by michael blech

Marcel Bernard | Business Consultantdo what you say 

“I’ve worked with Michael privately as well as in my context as a business consultant. Michael is a natural. He has the rare gift of true and selfless empathy. And he asks questions that have helped me and my clients connect with our needs. This often led to insights and initiatives that have helped in everyday life.

I recommend Michael from the heart – for individual coaching as well as for projects in companies and organizations that deal with leadership and cooperation.

Marena Grotheer | Authorized Officer & Head of Corporate CommunicationsUniversum® Bremen 

“If the term empathy did not exist already, it would have to be invented for Michael Blech. The collaboration is full of patience, empathy and clarity. With his sympathetic and thoughtful way, he asks the right questions at the right moment.

A cooperation with effect! Not just for the moment!

Rebecca Borges | PhD CandidateZMT

“I had the opportunity to be coached by Michael Blech in two different occasions. In individual coaching sessions, Michael helped me learn how to better communicate during my panel meetings, in which I had difficulties communicating with my project supervisors. In a group training program, I understood more about and practiced concepts and strategies in non-violent communication, both for a variety of contexts. In both trainings, I learned a great deal about non-violent communication, and had the chance to practice in role plays during the group meetings. It is wonderful how communication is in relationships, both professional and private. After the first few sessions, I had a very different experience with my next panel meeting. By changing my perspective on these situations, perceived so far as very tense, I learned how to turn them into a positive interaction. The meeting was very productive and not at all stressful, and this was all due to the new way I faced and planned these academic situations.

I am grateful for the lessons learned and for the dedicated way in which Michael helped me re-shape my practice in communicating and relating to myself and to others.“