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nature of connection: empathy training & coaching by michael blech

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. Margaret Mead

A new understanding of work culture, increasing international integration and digital networking pose new challenges for organizations and companies. A community whose members are in touch with themselves and others, who act responsible, treat each other appreciatively and who wholeheartedly contribute their individual potentials to the common projects, unleashes undreamt-of creativity. At the same time everyone experiences a high level of quality of life, participation and meaning. Emerging conflicts can be used as a valuable growth opportunity – for oneself and for the organization in general. This saves important resources in terms of time, money and energy. These in turn flow into achieving the goals set and make the shared vision a reality.


Regardless of whether an organization has flat or hierarchical as well as intercultural structures: aside of systemic influencing factors, it is especially the inner attitude of all members involved that determines how social interaction is shaped and lived. My mission is to help communities to integrate an attitude based on mindfulness, empathy, appreciation and responsibility into their organizational culture through in-house workshops and coaching sessions. The concept and duration of the coaching process are specifically customised to the individual circumstances and needs at hand. These cooperations are longer-term in general, so that a substantial effect in everyday life is noticeable and a sustainable change possible at all. A three-hour, non-binding and free workshop not only offers the opportunity to get an insight into the matter, but also to experience it first-hand. In addition, both parties can clarify for themselves whether a future cooperation is desired or not. Please contact me, if you are interested.


Leadership, as I understand it, means on the one hand to fulfill a specific role with certain demands. On the other hand it also means to be human. From a role perspective it literally means to „lead“ and therefore to set a good example concerning the changes he or she wants to see in a team. An executive creates the framework for the professional potential development of the employees and supports them therein. Above all, an executive offers orientation and structure through clarity in communication. When conflicts and tensions arise within the team, he or she can help through mediation and conflict resolution. All this requires a human connection at eye level with oneself and with the employees. Only when I am aware of what I need and what is important to me, I am able to put it into clear words. Does this leadership image appeal to you? Then I look forward to your message.

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