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nature of connection: empathy training & coaching by michael blech

The goal in life is to laugh all our laughter and cry all our tears. It is life itself that is revealed to us in this way and it is always a gift to connect with it. Marshall B. Rosenberg

Sometimes we lose the natural connection to ourselves and we are separated from our innermost as well as our resources. Instead of being in the flow, everything seems blocked, painful or hopeless. We are faced with decisions and no longer see the wood for the trees.

coaching in persona & online

We will set out on a path together and explore what is alive in you in terms of an empathic help for self-help. This can bring relief and initiate one’s own healing and reconciliation processes. On top of that you can practically align and actively shape your life according to your inner compass based on the clarity you gain. As individual as we humans are, as unique are our paths in life. No one is the same and only we know the best solutions for ourselves. Our inner voice is always present – sometimes it is enough to learn to listen again. Like seed grains, the individual potentials inherent in us can then be unfolded. Any information will be treated with upmost discretion according to the principle of confidentiality. The coaching is not a substitute for a medical or therapeutic treatment. Are you interested? Contact me for further information.

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