about me: michael blech

nature of connection: empathy training & coaching

We are all powerful beings and experts on our own behalf. Sometimes all it needs is someone to remind us.

motivation & inspiration

Two things in life passionately motivate and inspire me: nature and people. In the narrower sense, there is no differentiation between the two for me. One is a place where I can refuel with energy and rest, which fascinates me and whose beauty leaves me breathless again and again. I seek nature as often as I can and let it be the setting for my events. The other is people: I love working with different personalities all around the world. That gives me meaning, lets me experience pure joie de vivre and my own inner nature. It does not matter to me whether I work with individuals, groups or organizations and companies. I feel a deep rejection of deadlocked concepts, categories and dogmatic perspectives – what I am really interested in are the people behind them and what moves them. In doing so, I always follow my own value compass and listen to my inner voice. In this way, I get to know myself better and sometimes even new when dealing with other people. Everything I offer and that happens to me in life is a learning and experience process for me. This process will accompany me until the end of my days and reveal to me the wonders of this world. A world that you and I can change. That is our own decision.

training pathway

My personal and professional transformation process began during my Political Science studies in April 2014, when Marshall B. Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication came into my life. I went through two intensive training courses and numerous subject-specific seminars in Germany as well as an International Intensive Training by the CNVC (Center for Nonviolet Communication) in Costa Rica. In addition, there were several workshops on other methods and concepts whose approaches are compatible with the nature of connection attitude elements. They influenced and creatively expanded my work. In September 2018 I parted with most of my belongings, packed my backpack and call the whole world my home today. Since then, I have been able to continuously broaden my intercultural horizon and bring my gift into the world: an attitude based on mindfulness, appreciation, responsibility and empathy that creates connection. This is my mission.